Women in Conflict and Protest: Protecting Human Rights and Strengthening Peace

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On International Women's Day, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute hosted a panel event on women, peace and security, with a focus on the role of women in conflict and protest movements. The event saw the participation of Ambassador Wahidullah Waissi and members of the diplomatic corps. The panel discussion highlighted the pivotal role of women in advocating for social change, protecting human rights, and ensuring peace and security.

Speakers at the event included Shaharzad Akbar, Her Excellency Ms Pernille Kardel, Maryam Zahid, Sophie McNeill, Ms Gai Brodtmann, Mon Zin and Nos Hosseini. They discussed the challenges women face in conflict and protest movements, including threats of sexual violence and the impact on families. The panel also emphasized that when women are involved in conflict resolution and peace negotiations, the peace and stability that follows is significantly more likely to be successful and enduring.

The event focused on the resilience and dedication of women to protect, defend and strengthen society, and how women have been mobilising across the world to fight against repression and for freedom. Those who couldn't attend the event in person could register to attend it online.

To watch the event, click here.

Last modified on Thursday, 09/03/2023

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