Updates: Devastating Earthquake in Khost and Paktika Provinces of Afghanistan

In June 22, several provinces in Afghanistan have been struck by a devastating earthquake and its strong tremors. The provinces of Paktika and Khost have been affected the most, as they have already suffered from a series of natural disasters, severe droughts, and a dire lack of critical infrastructure. Paktika is one of the most remote provinces in Afghanistan, an area that has seen much devastation and suffering in previous years.
Based on multiple sources, the earthquake has killed over 1000 people and injured hundreds of others. Most of the casualties are reported to be in the Barmal, Zirok, Gayan and Nika districts in Paktika, where some villages in Gayan have been destroyed.
As a mark of respect to the victims of this massive tragedy, the flag of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Canberra and at all its Diplomatic Missions was flown at half-mast until sunset of Thursday, June 23, 2022.
The Embassy of Afghanistan in Canberra has also opened an online book of condolence to the diplomatic missions in Australia, New Zealand and Fiji from June 29 to July 1st. 
Ambassador of Afghanistan, HE Wahidullah Waissi has had several interviews, meetings and discussions with the host country and with the Afghan diaspora attracting their contribution to the affected families and individuals in South-Eastern provinces of Afghanistan. 
The link for Ambassador Waissi's interviews are as following:
ABC News: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-06-23/it-is-very-difficult:-afghan-ambassador-speaks-to-andrew-probyn/13943028?utm_campaign=abc_news_web&utm_content=whatsapp&utm_medium=content_shared&utm_source=abc_news_web 
The Afghan Embassy in Canberra called for the generous support of the host country, Afghan diaspora, international organisations, individuals, and foundations to provide and deliver urgent humanitarian aid, including critically needed supplies, to thousands of survivors of the earthquake in Afghanistan.
Australia has provided $1 million in aid to Afghanistan to assist the affected communities in Afghanistan. The assistance adds to the $140 million that Australia has pledged to Afghanistan since September 2021.
More updates about the earthquake families and assistance to affected groups can be found here: https://www.unocha.org/afghanistan
To assist families of victims of this devastating earthquake, please visit: https://www.unrefugees.org.au/emergency-response/afghanistan-emergency/ 
To access maps and more geographical information about this earthquake, please visit: https://alcisgeo.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=80dd35dcbfc84e4d8e9bd75b2124423c
We extend our deepest condolences to the victims’ families and to all, who have been affected by this devastating earthquake.
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