Nowruz Renewal: Afghanistan's Friendship Group Rekindled in Australian Parliament


On the auspicious occasion of Nowruz, signifying new beginnings, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, HE Wahidullah Waissi, participated in the re-inauguration of Afghanistan's Friendship Group at the Parliament of Australia. Co-chaired by Hon Mr. Julian Hill and Hon Mr. Andrew Wallace, the event saw the attendance of Member of Parliaments, including the Speaker of the House, in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan. The Ambassador expressed his heartfelt appreciation for the Australian government's unwavering support and assistance to the Afghan people, particularly in providing humanitarian aid and accommodating Afghan refugees.

Ambassador Waissi highlighted the devastating impact of the Taliban's takeover on Afghanistan's economy, education, and human rights, particularly on girls and women. Despite these setbacks, he conveyed hope that the international community, including Australia, would work together to create a brighter future for Afghanistan.

By acknowledging key challenges for the Afghans inside and in diaspora, the participated MPs expressed their solidarity and support with the people of Afghainstan. The Ambassador concluded by reaffirming the Embassy of Afghanistan in Canberra's commitment to work towards a peaceful and prosperous future for Afghanistan. He expressed his gratitude to all for their continued support and solidarity with the Afghan people and looked forward to working together for a brighter future for Afghanistan and its people.


Last modified on Wednesday, 22/03/2023

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