New Year, New Century - Join us for Celebrating International Day of Nowruz 1401 at the Embassy


Nowruz, Dari/Farsi for ‘new day’, marks the spring equinox on March 21 each year, and is an ancient festival celebrating the Persian New Year. The International Day of Nowruz was officially recognised by the United Nations in 2010 and inaugurated into the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity; celebrated across the world by many different countries and diaspora groups, and in the process bringing together different cultures and communities. 

In Afghanistan it heralds the arrival of spring, the blooming of tulip flowers, and the greening of the plains and mountains that make up the Afghan landscape. In towns, cities and villages alike it is a time of great celebration and festivity, with families and people of different backgrounds coming together to welcome the first day of the year with colours, games and delicious foods. 

Here in Canberra is no exception; and the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan wishes to extend its invitation to you to join us in welcoming the year 1401 with traditional festivities on Sunday the 20th of March at the Embassy grounds. Nowruz is an eagerly awaited date on the Embassy calendar, as we look forward to prosperous and peaceful new year for both Australia and Afghanistan, and our friends around the world. 

Unfortunately, among other nonsense bans, Nowruz celebration is also totally banned under the Taliban extremists in Afghanistan who don’t believe in peace, don’t believe in harmony, don’t value cultural diversity, and don’t respect human dignity at all. The Taliban, IS-K and other terrorist groups are sticking in their totalitarian theocratic and harsh ideological belief based on misinterpretation of sharia law to promote clash of civilizations.

To make 1401 truly spectacular and given that we have entered a new century of solar calendar, the Embassy is proud to present New Year, New Century, International Day of Nowruz, featuring different activities, games, displays, exhibitions, performances, and more – there is something for everybody, and each family member can celebrate Nowruz in their own way. 

There will be live music and live performances of traditional dance Attan by talented dancers and musicians travelling to Canberra from around Australia. Enjoy the performances while you admire the Embassy transformed by beautiful artworks and paintings by Dr. Yosuf Asefi, dazzling clothing displays and traditional carpets in rich colours. Sample some world-famous dry fruits and saffron tea or treat yourself to a lunch of delicacies as you have your name written in Afghan calligraphy.

Learn more about Nowruz as you view the Haft Sin table, representing seven important qualities for the new year, and taste the festive specialty,  Meywa. Discover your Afghan horoscope. And if you’re more interested in understanding the past, take home a piece of Australia’s own history with an exciting and informative DVD documentary on Afghan Cameleers.

Try your luck and compete with your friends and family at popular traditional games such as kite flying, and ‘egg-fighting’ for a real taste of how Nowruz is celebrated in Afghanistan. For those amongst us who are more athletically inclined, play a spot of cricket and cheer on the Afghan team as it competes in the upcoming T20 2022 World Cup right here in Australia this October. 

With all this and much more, the Embassy of Afghanistan is excited to announce its celebrations for Nowruz 1401. We look forward to welcoming community members, members of the diplomatic corps, members of Parliament and the public service, students, military personnel and all our other Australian and Afghan friends to welcome the New Year, New Century on Sunday the 20th of March. 

Last modified on Tuesday, 22/03/2022

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