Global Leaders Engage with Afghan Ambassador: Insights on Afghanistan's Challenges, Diplomacy, and Future

Ambassador Waissi with Macquarie University Students||

19 April 2023 - The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Canberra recently welcomed a group of students from Macquarie University's Global Leadership Program as part of their annual symposium. Eager to learn from practice of diplomacy, these Sydney-based university students convened with Ambassador Wahidullah Waissi for a thought-provoking session. The event provided a unique platform for the students to gain firsthand knowledge and insights into Afghanistan's current affairs and the challenges the nation faces.

During their conversation, the students and Ambassador Waissi engaged in discussions about Afghanistan's ongoing challenges, its future prospects, and the role of diplomacy in addressing these issues. The Ambassador shared his expertise on diplomacy and global affairs, offering valuable insights into the intricacies of international relations and the role of diplomacy in navigating today's complex world. This dialogue allowed the students to ask questions and engage in meaningful conversation, deepening their understanding of the issues at hand.

The session at the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan in Canberra is a testament to the Global Leadership Program's commitment to providing its students with enriching experiences and valuable learning opportunities. With its focus on cultivating future leaders, the program plays a crucial role in shaping the international landscape for years to come. 

Last modified on Tuesday, 25/04/2023

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