The Embassy attests/verifies/authenticates documents such as educational degrees, marriage certificate, single status certificate, birth certificate, death certificate, documents related to business, companies and other documents.
There are set requirements and fees for attesting a document at the Embassy. If a document was issued in Afghanistan and attested by the Consulate Affairs Directorate of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan, this Embassy attests the document without charging a fee.  

If a document was issued by authorities in Australia or New Zealand, it should be attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country (Australia or New Zealand) before it gets attested by this Embassy. 
ALL local (Afghanistan issued) Driver Licenses will be sent to the Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoIA) of Afghanistan by this Embassy for verification. This is a time-consuming process. The Embassy has no influence on MoIA.  

Please read the following information and instructions carefully: 

  • Appointment. There is NO need for an appointment as the service can be provided distanced. 
  • Visit In-person. NO need to visit the Embassy in-person. All required documents can be sent to the Embassy by post. Please include an Express/Registered return self-addressed
        envelope along with the required documents. Residents of New Zealand shall arrange a document pick up from this Embassy. 
  • Required Documents:  
       a).Request letter. the applicant should write a request letter addressed to this Embassy and outline the need for verifying/attesting/authenticating the document(s).
       b).Original of the document(s) to be attested/verified/authenticated. 
       c).Copy of the document(s) to be attested/verified/authenticated.
       d).Proof of Address in Australia or New Zealand. The applicant should make a copy of either his/her driver license, utility bill or bank statement and include it in the postal package. 
       e).Express/Registered self-addressed envelope. An Express/Registered self-addressed return envelope MUST be included in the postal package. Without this, the Embassy
        will NOT be able to send you back the verified/attested/authenticated document(s). Residents of New Zealand shall arrange a document pick up from this Embassy by a courier
        after the document(s) verified/attested/authenticated. This Embassy will inform the New Zealand based clients via telephone for arranging a document pick up.
  • Fee. Embassy charges varies depending on the type of the document. Please refer to the fee rates for attesting/verifying/authenticating different types of documents.
        Applicants can make a money order to “Embassy of Afghanistan”. Please DO NOT send cash by post or DO NOT bring cash in-person to the Embassy. The Embassy
        does NOT accept cash under any circumstances.  

        Fee Rates: 
        -Trade and Customs related document A$180 
        -Driver License A$40 
        -Single Status Certificate A$30 
        -Birth Certificate A$15 
        -Educational document A$10  
  • Procedure: 
        Once the Embassy receives the package by post, it will be processed within 2 business days provided that the required documents are complete. This does not apply to
        Driver License, which will be sent to MoIA Afghanistan and takes up to six weeks or more. The Embassy will send back the attested/authenticated/verified to the applicant using
        the Express/Registered self-addressed envelope (It is extremely important for ALL applicants to include an Express/Registered self-addressed envelope with the initial postal
        package and send it to the Embassy.) 

Applicants based in New Zealand. The Embassy will inform the applicant via telephone about the completion of the attestation and advise to make necessary arrangements for a document pick up form the Embassy by one of courier companies during weekdays (except holidays) between 9:30 am – 12:30 pm.  

Postal Address:
Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
PO Box 155, Deakin West ACT 2600, Australia