Afghanistan Rings World Peace Bell in Canberra

Afghanistan Rings World Peace Bell in Canberra||

Ringing the Canberra Rotary Peace Bell

It has been more than four decades since Afghanistan has lost peace. Afghans deserve peace. Australia, like many other nations, is a strong supporter of resolving the current conflict through peace negotiations to ensure endurable and long-lasting peace in Afghanistan

After the 9/11 terror attacks, Australia as a non-NATO ally, significantly contributed in fighting against international terrorism in Afghanistan – joining the international community led by the United States and NATO allied countries. 

The diplomatic relations between Australia and Afghanistan was established 50 years ago in 1969. During the past 18 years, Australia has been a great partner in both security and development sectors of Afghanistan. The contribution of Australia in fighting insurgency, training, advising and assisting Afghan security forces as well as effective development assistance has been exemplary. Arguably, now, the relationship between the two friendly nations is the strongest ever exercised before, and it is still growing. 

Given the excellent and ever-growing relations between Australia and Afghanistan, the Embassy of I.R. of Afghanistan, along with its friends, gather at the Canberra Nara Peace Park to mark the end of a successful year, celebrating the 50thanniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries and demonstrating solidarity in overcoming international terrorism and establishing a sustainable peace in Afghanistan by a special event of ringing the Canberra Rotary Peace Bell. 

Join us in this exciting event and signify your will for an excellent Australia-Afghanistan relations and peaceful Afghanistan. 


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